Strathspey Weather


Initial set-up

  Established in January 2001, "Strathspey Weather," a member of the Climatological Observers Link, is a private weather-monitoring facility - run by Bill Cuthbert - and based in The Cairngorms National Park of Highland Scotland, an area renowned not only for its whisky - but  its outstanding natural beauty, and diversity of British wildlife.  Strathspey is subject  to extremes of British Climate, experiencing differences of 50°C  between the highs of summer, and the lows of a Highland winter. The station is situated in the village of Cromdale (3 miles east of Grantown on Spey) within the grounds of my house. It consisted initially of a “Weather Monitor” automatic electronic station, manufactured by Davis Instruments, and an independent sun sensor by Instromet. The station has since evolved, and now incorporates the“Davis Vantage Pro 2.” Linked to this system is a Davis Weatherlink IP logger, which records a broad range of data. Unlike many similar electronic systems, the IP logger enables this data to be streamed twenty four hours a day, directly to the internet - independent of the computer.
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  Traditional Stephenson Screen with the
Davis VP2 system mounted on its remote arm.
(Rain-gauge and grass thermometer behind.)
  The original screen set-up with its four thermometers
(Dry & Wet-bulb vertically, with max & min horizontal.)

Becoming a Met-Office Climate Station

July 1st. 2009, following the closure of the Met Office station in nearby Grantown on Spey, Cromdale became an official Met Office Climate station following the installation of approved recording equipment, comprising of four thermometers mounted within a traditional Stevenson screen, plus a grass-minimum thermometer, and a 5” stainless steel rain-gauge.

 Incorporating two systems however required some minor changes: Whilst the Davis system operated around a
24-hour midnight to midnight configuration, the Met.Office standard requires a traditional 9am to 9am period
 (GMT/UTC). Therefore, since that date minimum and maximum temperatures and rainfall measurements shown within the daily, monthly and annual tables are those as recorded by the Met Office equipment, whilst data covering daily mean temperature, barometric pressure, wind and sunshine is provided by the automated Davis system. As accurate as the electronic Vantage Pro 2 has been proved to be there will, inevitably, be minor discrepancies in comparison to the traditional recording methods required of a Met Office Climate Station. Additionally, the times of the “recording day” of the two systems may disclose apparent anomalies. Where differences inevitably arise, the readings of the Met Office equipment shall at all times be used above those of the Davis system. Running rainfall totals shown within the live daily update data recorded by the Davis rain-gauge will be adjusted monthly to reflect the more accurate recording method of the traditional 5-inch gauge. All timings are shown within the 

The Met Office element of the weather station was upgraded in November 2017 following the compulsory withdrawal of mercury thermometers. It now incororates a Vaisala HMT330 electronic logger. This caters for prevailing and maximum temperature readings, whilst the existing alcohol thermometers record minimum and wet-bulb readings.


Present day screen set-up, with the Vaisala logger replacing the mercury (Dry & Max) thermometers.

(The alcohol-based wet-bulb, and minimum thermometers remain)


Typical daily graph of the Vaisala logger.


Anemometer & Sun meter



  Standard Map  Reference
   57° 20' 14.2" N 
  3° 32' 28.9" W

Ordnance Survey
 Map  Reference
NJ 072 284

    192.5 metres
     (632 ft) ASL

Satellite View
Courtesy of
Google Maps

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Davis VP2 console
Some winter shots from 2010
Cromdale Church   Keeping the village roads clear
A local farmer getting the feed out to the stock   River Spey at Cromdale
The weather station   Keeping the driveway clear ... a winter chore
January 7th.2010 - Record level snow depth of 65cm























































































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